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March 2, 2015

{Winter Lately}

Every season, Tyler and I like to make little videos of Millie to remind ourselves just how far she has come. By capturing these moments on video we will forever be able to follow her progress as she grows, learns and buds into a beautiful, strong young lady. The music overlay is a song entitled "Midnight Swim" by recording artist St. Grandson who resides in Ghent, Belgium. As soon as I heard the song and it's lyrics, I wrote to him immediately asking permission to share his music with my readers. He was so gracious by allowing me to do so and asked me to send him a preview in advance. And he liked it! Phew!

I chose this song because, like Millie, it is endearing, gentle and beautiful. Not to mention the lyrics really hit home for us with our feelings raising Millie the last 10 months.

We hope you enjoy watching as much as we did filming it over the past couple months. For those of you that know the long road she traveled, these clips are a reminder of her strength and tenacity. 

I am busy planning Millie's first birthday party, a fruit theme. :P 
Stay tuned.

I have attached the video in this blog, but for better viewing quality, please click the You Tube link for the ability to watch in HD! Also, please check the description box in You Tube for more detailed information.

Published March 1, 2015

Millie: Winter 2015
"The one where Millie crawls, "rides", discovers snow, swims for the first time, eats and flashes lots of baby smiles."

We owe a special "thank you" to St. Grandson for giving us permission to use their amazing music for our video. Please take a moment and go check them out!

"Midnight Swim" by St. Grandson


Millie's bows: Harper Kate Boutique


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