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June 2, 2014

#MillieMonday {37 Gestational Weeks, 8 Weeks Old}

Hello everyone! This blog is going to be super short as we are just enjoying spending every minute with Millie that we can now that she is home with us. Last Monday and the days that have followed have been wonderful and we feel so blessed that she came home happy and healthy. We know how incredibly lucky we are. We also took a ton of pictures and video of her homecoming and will be putting together a short "film" (if you want to call it that) of her entire NICU stay from start to finish. We got a lot of video and pictures during her stay there and want to look back on that time and remember the lovely staff, nurses and doctors that were such a huge part of our lives for 7 weeks. It will also be nice as a family to look back on the many milestones that we met in that hospital. The first time we held her, changed her diaper, weighed her, bathed her, moved her to her first crib, swaddled her, etc. Those things may not sound big but we will never take them for granted as they were huge victories for our baby and for us as parents.

I also plan to do a little nursery reveal blog. We are finishing a couple things but as soon as it is done, I will post pictures. We have put a lot of love into this special room for her and hope that she feels calm and safe whenever she is in there.

Millie came home on a monitor that alerts us if she has Bradycardia's (low heart rate) or Apnea. We are happy to report that the only time her monitor goes of is when it reads "lose leads". No alerts for this little monkey and we are so happy.

Some things we have discovered about Millie…she hates to be changed, she is not a fan of her sleep sack swaddle anymore, she is awesome at tummy time (girlfriend has a stronger neck than I do), she loves her Wubbanub giraffe pacifier, loves walks and even car rides! Oh, and that MamaRoo…thank goodness for that spaceship! She loves it!

Sorry about the lighting. Phone shot, obviously.

Millie is almost 6 pounds. Seriously, we are so close! A home health nurse comes out and weighs her and does an assessment twice a week. We captured this adorable shot of her naked on the scale. 5 pounds 14 ounces. You are almost there baby girl!

Lastly, Tyler had the opportunity to preach the Sunday before we brought Millie home. I wanted to include it in this blog as it really goes in depth about Millie's story and the many blessings we take away from it. Life doesn't always go as planned and this sermon is an excellent testimony to counting your milestones as blessings and finding a way to be thankful even in the darkest of situations. If you have 26 minutes, tune in. We hope it blesses you today.

As always, thank you all for your many thoughts and prayers that you have bestowed on us these past 8 weeks. We are so incredibly blessed and consider our community of friends, family and complete strangers such a milestone in our lives. We are so thankful for you.

Sermon: Tyler Jenkins "Marking God's Faithfulness"

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