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May 12, 2014

#MillieMonday {34 Gestational Weeks, 5 Weeks Old}

Since Millie's birth, I have not really posted specifically about our faith on this blog. Aside from the random, "We are blessed" and "We are praying for…" comments, I haven't wanted to get all "mushy" and "preachy" with my readers. But, I have to go there for a second so bare with me.

I've been marveling lately at the sheer strength, will-power and determination Millie exhibits whenever she hurdles another milestone moment.  She manages to breathe room air shortly after birth. Her body adjusts itself to the perfect temperature of 98.6 degrees, necessary to sustain life. She masters nursing - the age-old and logical way of feeding that nourishes her body and helps mature her systems. But how did her tiny body and underdeveloped mechanisms know how to do that? Seriously, it is as if her movements and reasoning concepts are controlled by marionette strings...from someone far more knowledgeable than I.

Too many wondrous things are falling into place in perfect progression and with such
design - and I'm literally blown away every day.  
God, the engineer of the entire human race, knew exactly how to orchestrate this tiny baby's growth and development. Nothing is coincidental or happen stance. Millie's existence and the master plan that controls every blink of her eye is proof of God's hand at work.  I've always been a Christian but especially now after Millie's birth, I ask myself often, "How could anyone witness these miracles and not believe in God?" 

Millie is doing absolutely marvelous. She has now nursed exclusively for three feeds. This means that she was able to get enough milk that they didn't need to supplement through her NG tube for those feedings.  This is just one more thing that brings her closer to going home.  Speaking of home, the nurses have started to say that word more frequently which makes Tyler and me think that time could be inching closer.  There are just a few more things we need to do. We need to ween her off caffeine and watch to see how her body does when it completely clears her system.  The hope is that the amount of alarms/episodes she has will not increase. We also need to have her exclusively nursing for all of her feeds (every three hours). She was unable to nurse today for her 2:30pm feed because she was so tired. We are assuming it is because she nursed exclusively twice yesterday. Babies this small burn a ton of calories while nursing and tire very easily. We pray she is able to keep up her strength to continue to nurse all while continuing to gain weight steadily. 

Millie is transitioning this week from an incubator to a crib which means she is now able to regulate her own body temperature! Go Millie! This also means no more tummy sleeping (which she loves). We are confident this will go well, but if not, no rush. We can always go back to her incubator and try again later if she has trouble on her back in room temperature.

Millie now weighs 5 pounds! I know that doesn't seem like much to most of you but to me, she's huge! Her body is almost twice the size it was when she was born. We love that little chunk. It's like she is a full term baby…just miniature. :P

Life is so incredibly hectic for Tyler and me right now. Between trying to hold down our jobs, rushing back and fourth to the hospital, preparing for Millie to come home, setting up her nursery, keeping up with laundry, dishes, meals, yard work and Cooper, we don't have much time to just pause and reflect on this tiny little blessing. However, every time we go visit her, it's as if all our worries and to do lists vanish. She relaxes us and makes us feel present. 

It was my first Mother's Day yesterday. Tyler and I went to visit Millie last night and when I walked in, Tyler managed to slip a card in the incubator when I wasn't looking. My first card addressed to "mommy" (filled out by daddy) from Millie. Here is what it read:
You shouldn't have to wipe anybody's ANYTHING today. Happy Mother's Day. 
Happy First Mother's Day, Mommy! Thank you so much for bringing me into this world. Even though I haven't seen much yet, I know I'm going to enjoy being with you, daddy and Cooper. Speaking of daddy, I got you some coupons to use to he can take the best care of you. Use them wisely and see if he'll let you use the tickle job one more than once. Thank you for taking care of me and being the best mommy a girl could ask for. I love you so very much! 
                                                                    Love, Millie
                                                                    P.S. I'm addicted to your milk! :)

This Mother's Day also reminded us how thankful we are for our own mothers. My mom has been so helpful making meals and helping us clean and stay on top of our laundry. She also bought me an ice cream cake for Mother's Day which was so thoughtful…and yummy! Tyler's mom is unable to be here at this moment, but the whole week we were in the hospital and the week after, she spent preparing frozen meals, doing yard work, painting the nursery, installing blinds, helping us unpack, running errands, etc. We ask ourselves often what in the world we would do without them. We love them both so much.

Millie, I love you so much sweet girl. I can't wait for you to come home so I can take care of you all the time and kiss you whenever I want. Keep fighting for me. Just a few more weeks, baby.

Mother's Day 2014

Obviously terrified over bath time. #HelloDoubleChin
In this video, Millie was really unsure about the whole hair washing process. Sweet little girl. 

Thank you all for reading and for your continued prayers for our family. God is good!

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