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April 21, 2014

#MillieMonday {31 Gestational Weeks, 2 Weeks Old}

Millie was born weighing 2 lb 14 oz. Wait for it…Millie now weighs 3 lb 8 oz…WHAT?!? Little chunk gained all that weight in just 11 days! Milk is doing her body good, that's for sure!

We had a bit of a scare last Thursday night. I always wake up to pump around 3:00am and I just felt the need to call the NICU and check on her. Mother's intuition, I guess. Upon reaching her nurse, Kyla, she mentioned that she was just getting ready to call us. Millie had her first rough night. Her oxygen saturation dropped really low and she wasn't recovering on her own. They were worried she was getting an infection of some sort. She was immediately put back on oxygen and has remained on the nasal cannula since. They took some labs and mentioned they would let them grow in the petri dish for 48 hours and see if any bacteria or infection grew. We got the official word Saturday night that she has no infection. Praise the Lord! The doctor thinks she is having trouble with her oxygen levels because of the rapid weight gain, which isn't a bad thing. Most likely, her body is just having trouble adjusting and will become accustomed to breathing normally as she gains weight.

On April 16th, Millie had a head ultrasound to check for brain bleeds and other abnormalities. Premies are more likely to deal with these complications than a term baby. On April 17, we got the results back and everything looked completely normal and perfect. We are so BLESSED and have a miracle baby! One of the nurses mentioned that they call babies like Millie "feed and grows". This means that they are healthy babies, just small. They feed and grow them in the NICU until it is time to go home. We are so lucky that we haven't had more complications with her being a "29 weeker".

The doctors and nurses think we can start introducing some latching on and breastfeeding within the next few weeks! This is great news and we pray that she enjoys eating. Currently, during her feedings we do something called oral stimulation before she is fed through her NG tube. We either drop a bit of breast milk in her mouth or put some on her pacifier and let her taste it from that. This is just the first step in teaching her that it is enjoyable to eat. She currently associates her mouth and nose area with a lot of bad things…ventilators, nasal cannulas, NG tubes, etc…so hopefully this technique works when she goes to latch on. The doctor is very pleased with the fact that she likes and knows how to suck on her pacifier. She even holds it to her mouth with her hands which is brilliant for a baby her age. We are so proud of her!

Tyler's mom, my mom and my dad were able to hold Millie for the first time this weekend. Tyler's mom held her on Saturday and my parents on Sunday (Easter). We got some really great pictures and will share a few below.

We hope you all had a fantastic Easter! Tyler and I are so incredibly blessed this year to have our sweet girl, amazing family and friends and great jobs with amazing co-workers. Please continue to pray for Millie in the days and weeks ahead. Grow, baby, grow!

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