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April 6, 2014

29 Weeks: Prayers Needed

Hey everyone, this is Tyler, Taylor's husband. It's been a wild weekend for us (everything is explained in the blog) and unfortunately, Taylor is unable to write this week's blog. So, I'll be stepping in for her and filling you in on the latest news regarding Taylor and our little, baby girl.

We had so many great things planned this weekend, one of which was to complete Taylor's dream nursery. I started painting the room late Friday and woke up early Saturday morning to begin the second coat. Just before heading in there, Taylor called out from the bathroom, "Tyler, I think my water just broke!" Naturally, I questioned if it was really her water because I knew she was only about 29 weeks pregnant. We weren't expecting this until June! However, I immediately called the on-call doctor from Liberty OBGYN and she persuaded us to go straight to labor and delivery. I must say, this all escalated so quickly for us we thought we were dreaming.

Once we arrived, an amazing team of doctors and nurses surrounded Taylor with care and concluded that her water did indeed break, but her cervix remained closed. This meant a couple of things. One, the baby was going to arrive early no matter what. Two, Taylor was staying in the hospital until she delivered the baby. To our surprise, the doctors explained it was best for the baby to remain in the womb for as long as possible, even though the water did break. The longer she stayed in there, the quicker she would develop and become fully prepared for the outside world. They injected Taylor with a steroid shot and started her on a magnesium drip (more on this in a second). Since Liberty OBGYN only cares for babies born after 34 weeks, they transferred Taylor to Saint Luke's on the plaza where they have an excellent Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Before moving on, let me pause and say how impressed I was with Liberty. Their team was so responsive to Taylor's situation and quickly determined how to proceed. It's rare to find medical professionals who can strategically work together with urgency, patience and confidence. They were simply great.

I joined Taylor in the ambulance to Saint Luke's, while Taylor's parents (Mike and Sandi) followed close behind. Shortly after settling in the new room, we met Dr. Lu, who would be overseeing Taylor's care. He carefully explained the plan over the next 48 hours, which would involve another steroid shot and the continuation of the magnesium drip. The two steroid shots will help the baby's lungs mature and reduce any early problems for the baby. Unfortunately, the magnesium drip is a pain, although necessary to help minimize contractions and prevent early labor. It leaves women feeling nauseous, achy, hot, immobile, thirsty and overall uncomfortable. Taylor only has about 14 more hours to go until they take her off the drip and she can regain some much needed comfort.

So, what's the good news? The good news is that we have complete confidence in the doctors here at Saint Luke's and this is nothing new for them. Taylor is officially 29 weeks tomorrow, although the baby is measuring more around 30 weeks, which is great for our situation. The bigger the baby, the better! According to the doctors, keeping the baby in the womb until 34 weeks is the best case scenario and they will try everything they can to make that possible. However, each day is a victory and if the baby were to come tomorrow the NICU would take over with years and years of success.

We also have an incredible community that is surrounding us with prayer and love. Taylor's parents and my parents have been overwhelmingly supportive and helpful. Friends and other family members have reached out to us through phone calls, texts and emails. Our church family is lifting us up in constant prayer, which is such a humbling notion. And we are faithfully trusting in our God who is watching over Taylor and the baby with enduring provision and active compassion.

We will keep you posted in the days and weeks ahead. Please say a prayer tonight for my beautiful wife and baby. I boldly believe in the power of prayer and in times like this we are called to draw near to Him.



  1. OH MY Taylor and Tyler! Ben and I are praying for you all tonight and will continue to do so. May the Lord who knit that little girl together carry you all safely into a good future. I imagine this is pretty scary, and I'm so glad we have a relentlessly faithful God.

  2. Thanks so much Molly! We are remaining faithful and we greatly appreciate the prayers!

  3. Praying. It is amazing the things they can do with babies born early. I see the miracles often at Children's Mercy
    Mary Calcara

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this very difficult time. It must be very scary when things happen that are out of your control but with the strength of Taylor and the amazing medical staff your baby will be completely supported and safe. This will only make your family stronger. Prayers to you all x