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February 26, 2014

{23 Weeks and Some Michael Jackson Shoes}

This blog is 3 days late because it has been a crazy week! I haven't even had anyone around to take a picture of my she-bump.  My husband was able to snap the pic on the right before we left for work this morning.  I'm just going to go ahead and address it because I know I'm going to get questions.  I would like to introduce you all to my Michael Jackson shoes.  I wanted a pair of silver oxfords for about 2 years and I finally got some for Christmas from my parents.  They are just as fabulous as I imagined. 

How far along? 23 weeks (and errr... 3 days)
Total weight gain? 13 pounds (Yikes!)
Maternity clothes? Just maternity pants really. I am making regular tops work.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep? This has continued to be good for me. I have been having minor leg cramps at night but I am usually able to catch them before they become a full blown cramp.
Best moment this week? We had our inspection for our first home last week. It went really well and we are thankful the inspector thinks the house is in great condition. In other words, there wasn't anything incredibly alarming that would keep the deal from going through. I will share some pictures once we get all moved in and settled. We may not have any furniture yet, though. :)

Saturday, we went to Buy Buy Baby to register for a couple baby showers I have coming up in April and May. I was glad I had done most of the research and registering online earlier in the week because we were completely overwhelmed with just the 5/6 things we were unsure about. (i.e. bottles, car seats, strollers, baby carriers, breast pump accessories, etc.) We went ahead and purchased the mattress for bambino because we have the crib and want to start getting things set up upon moving in our new house. Side note: you better believe I had my husband take full advantage of one of the perks of being pregnant. 


I snapped this picture of Tyler carrying his baby girl's mattress out of the store. He looked so cute and proud. Fatherhood is definitely going to suit him. :)

#It'sFoam #He'sNotThatStrong

Miss anything? I miss not being able to wear all of my clothes. I have always loved fashion and style and I refuse to spend a bunch of money on maternity clothing when I am only going to be pregnant for 17 more weeks or less. I have had to get really creative. 
Food cravings? This week, my food cravings and hunger have kicked in. I was wondering when that would start because my appetite always seemed normal even though I have continued to gain weight at a normal rate. I just HAD to have Chick-Fil-A's chicken noodle soup Friday night and Saturday, I had to have a fruit and granola yogurt parfait. I didn't care where it was from just as long as I had it! 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Public restrooms still. I had lunch with a friend of mine who is also pregnant (2-3 weeks ahead of me). We decided to use the restroom at Panera Bread before we left and I walked into the wrong stall at the wrong time. I almost lost my entire lunch. Why can't people clean up after themselves??? It's nasty and inconsiderate to the pregnant race! :)
Gender? Girl, and in fact…I am really starting to have fun putting together what outfits we have already. Baby Gap and Zara Kids are definitely becoming two of my favorites. And you can't have a baby and not purchase at least one pair of Freshly Picked moccasins

Onesie and sweater: Baby Gap
Moccasins: Freshly Picked

Labor signs? No
Movement? Yes. She is a lunatic. :P
Symptoms? My back got a little sore towards the end of last week so I went straight to the Chiropractor. I love going. I swear by them. Also, I feel huge. I know I'm not but I am not used to carrying around extra weight and fluid. I had a little breakdown about it on Saturday and had to have my husband, mother and sister-in-law talk me down. *Sigh*…it will all be worth it in the end.
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy except for Saturday morning. It was not a good morning. I couldn't get my pants on. 'Nuff said.
Looking forward to? Ordering all the remaining nursery furniture online! I am ordering on March 1st!  I didn't want to order it and then it ship to my parents address because we haven't moved in yet. I think if I order it March 1st, we should be able to put the shipping address as our new home. 

Also, we have our 24 week appointment on Monday, March 3rd. We will have another ultrasound so hopefully I will have another couple of pictures to share.

Until next week,

February 17, 2014

22 Weeks and a Mother/Daughter Outfit

My mother-in-law coincidentally bought me both of these vests. The one I am wearing was from Christmas two years ago. Last week, a package magically showed up on our doorstep. Inside was this cute little girls vest to match mine.  (Cue everyone- "Awwwww!") Our first mother/daughter outfit!

The baby girl vest is from Dillard's and was on sale for $12.24! Sadly, it is no longer available online. However, if you are interested, you might check your local Dillard's and see if it is still available in stores.
Brand: Starting Out

Vest: Zara Kids (sold out) 
Sweater: Target (sold out) similar here 
Boots: Shoe Mint

How far along? 22 weeks
Total weight gain? 12-13 El B's :P
Maternity clothes? Yep. Mostly just pants with the band.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep? Kinda funny. I fall asleep on the couch every night around 9:30. At about 11:00 every night, Tyler somehow manages to get me from the couch to bed. I honestly have no recollection when this happens. He says I look like a zombie and can barely hold myself up as I walk to bed with my eyes closed and him guiding me. So yes, I am sleeping great. 
Best moment this week? We got to spend Thursday night and Friday during the day with Tyler's parents. Friday night, we went to dinner with my parents, Tyler's parents and his aunt and uncle. {Jack Stack on the Plaza.} So good!
Miss anything? I miss running. I really do. I am still on the whole pelvic rest thing and probably will be until the end of my pregnancy which means no strenuous activity. I can feel how bad of shape that I am in. I am really trying to watch what I eat because I can't workout to balance what I was eating normally before we learned I was pregnant. 
Food cravings? Not really anything too crazy. I have a couple bananas a day. That seems to do the trick.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really
Gender? Girl
Labor signs? No
Movement? Absolutely. Every once in a while, she kicks me so hard it stops me mid track. I'm all like "Geez, girl. Relax!" :)
Symptoms? Just headaches
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy and a bit anxious at times about everything that we have coming up. A move, ordering nursery furniture so it gets here on time and doing a registry.
Looking forward to? Our home inspection Thursday. Hoping everything checks out so we can continue to move forward with our closing date fast approaching.

XOXO until next week,

February 11, 2014

21 Weeks (and 1 day)

I started a new job yesterday (which I love) so I am a bit behind on my weekly update. However, have no fear…here I am…and so is my she-bump! I feel like I have doubled in size!

How far along? 21 weeks
Total weight gain? I think I am still hovering right around 11 pounds.
Maternity clothes? No maternity tops quite yet. I mainly wear leggings to lounge around in and use my belly band for during the day.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep? I sleep like a husband, which in my book, is even better than a baby. So thankful!
Best moment this week? Where do I begin!? I started a new job! I will be doing Social Media and various projects for a local real estate company here in Kansas City. I really like it so far and everyone I work with is so incredibly nice and welcoming. I was worried about finding a new job while pregnant but everyone has just been so kind. I feel very blessed. Also, Tyler and I finally found a house!!!! We have been living with my parents for the past 9 months for a couple reasons but mainly so we could save money to finally purchase our own house. We rented for our first year of marriage and didn't really get to save much money because of that. I hate renting. I feel like we just burnt money. Anyway, we put an offer on a house Friday night and they accepted it Sunday morning after just 1 round of counter offers. We can't wait to close on March 20th, get moved in and settled. I personally can't wait to get baby girl's nursery all set up. I am probably going to have all the furniture and decor ordered so we can just move it all in with the rest of our belongings. 

Lord, please give me enough energy to get through that move! (a little blog prayer for ya')
We feel so incredibly thankful that my parents let us live with them and save enough money for a down payment. It's tough out there, folks. Gotta' do whatcha' gotta do. :)

Miss anything? Now that I have started work, it would be really nice to be able to take a cold, deli turkey sandwich to work for lunch. :(
Food cravings? Yogurt with strawberries and chocolate milk here and there
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!
Gender? Sweet girl
Labor signs? No
Movement? Yes! She really likes the song Claire De Lune. Tyler plays it for her from his iPhone and she immediately starts dancing in there. So sweet. We laugh every time we see my stomach protrude from one of her feet or fists. 
Symptoms? Still headaches. If I lay down, they seem to subside, though. 
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy! It was a great week!
Looking forward to? Tyler's parents come in town from Jacksonville this week! We only get to spend one day with them but we haven't seen them since we got pregnant. :)


February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Picks/Wish List

Valentine's Day Picks

Who doesn't love a good themed inspiration board/wish list? Especially, when it involves Valentine's Day and the color pink! These are some of the things that I would totally allow my husband to buy me for 'the day of love' even though we don't exchange gifts. They would be sure to make any girly girl swoon.  The red lipped makeup pouch…fabulous. See below where everything is from and I hope you have a fantastic Valentine's Day! If you are single, buy yourself something. That is totally what I would do and I would not feel guilty one bit! :)

7. Becca Beach Tint in the shade Fig


February 4, 2014


Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. I can't imagine what it will be like when this baby is finally here! Pure joy!

Our 20 week check up and anatomy scan was yesterday (Monday, February 3, 2014). We were excited to find out our baby's gender, but more than anything, we were nervous and wanted it to be healthy.

All was great. God is so good. Baby was healthy, happy and has the most beautiful face….

Just kidding. Here is our pretty baby:

We thought we were going to have a hard time determining the gender because this was literally the first picture the technician took. But, baby Jenkins eventually decided to cooperate.

How far along? 20 weeks
Total weight gain? 11 pounds. Doc said I am right on track if not a little under. Happy about that!
Maternity clothes? I have discovered the belly band. This is the most amazing invention ever. I am able to wear all of my pre-pregnancy pants! 
Stretch marks? No
Sleep? Can't complain! I especially love waking up to snow in the mornings. It gets old after a while but it is just so pretty. 
Best moment this week? Finding out that our baby is healthy and our gender reveal party! The ultrasound technician wrote down what the gender was and sealed it in an envelope for us. We then took it to our neighbors with a boy outfit (overalls) and a girl outfit (pink onesie) and they wrapped the correct outfit for us. We had our gender reveal dinner at V's Italian Restaurant (so good) and opened the package after dinner in front of family. It was so fun and a really neat way to find out the gender of our baby. Since Tyler's family lives in Jacksonville, St. Louis and Houston, we were able to set up a group Skype and hold up the outfit for his side of the family. It was so fun and also a really cool way to tell family. 
Miss anything? Nope. I am kind of getting used to this pregnancy stuff. :)
Food cravings? Shrimp! I am obsessed…which is weird because I hated shrimp before I got pregnant. I guess it is a good thing to crave because it is really low calorie. Haha!
Anything making you queasy or sick? So weird, but I randomly got sick a couple times this past week in the morning. We went out to house hunt because we are about to buy a house and I had to have Tyler pull over!
Gender? BABY GIRL!!!! :)
Labor signs? No
Movement? Yes! I started feeling this right at 18 weeks but didn't realize this question was missing from the lineup. Even Tyler has started to feel her. She is VERY active. 
Symptoms? Headaches are pretty common these days for me. My doctor says it is completely normal and that I can take Tylenol as often as I need it. It seems to really help.
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time? "HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY" as Phil Robertson would say. 
Looking forward to? Tyler's parents come in town from Jacksonville next week. My parents, his parents and extended family are all going out for a Valentine's Day Dinner! Also excited to hopefully find a house and put an offer on our first home together.

I will leave you all with a few pictures from our gender reveal dinner. Thank you all for your continued prayers and for making us feel so loved. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such loving family and friends. Stay tuned because Wednesday I am posting something completely unrelated to pregnancy….My Valentine's Day wish list and picks!