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February 7, 2013

Therapist Thursday- Divy it up, Yo!

Okay, it's about to get real y'all. I have been in such a funk about posting on here. I want to do more outfit posts because a lot of you ask me for them, however, it just gets too dark too fast and not to mention it is freezing outside. I hope to still do a couple a week but until Spring's longer days I wanted to do something on my blog that will be kind of a fun challenge. Each day, I will feature a different subject. This should keep me in line with my blogging duties. Here is how it's going to go:

Mani Monday: I will talk about the latest nail trends and/or feature my manicure of the week. This will force me to keep my nails in shape and have fun with them. I always like trying new colors and I'm about to get funky with different designs. Stay tuned all you #notd lovers.

Tuesday Tidbits: This will be a little "what I'm loving at the moment" feature. It will be anything from a favorite lip gloss, to TV show, to the cereal I am eating for the week. I am hoping to keep it interesting. (?)

What I'm Wearing Wednesday: Just a typical mid-week outfit feature. Hopefully, my husband will have time to take my outfit pictures for me but if not, I will just do a little "selfie." :)

Therapist Thursday: I am a firm believer in talking about what is going on in my life, good or bad. I feel if you address things up front and openly, they don't get put on the back burner and you can continue to work on things to better yourself. I will try not to go too into detail but I have found from reading when other bloggers address a struggle or something they are dealing with, I can totally relate on some level and in some way I am helped by it. Just wait until you read today's Therapist Thursday. Holy COW. Why didn't I start this 9 months ago!!?

Feature Friday: I'm going to highlight a blog I'm loving at the moment! This particular blogger might not even know I am highlighting them, but oh well! I love discovering new reading material so hopefully you will too! Free advertising...woohoo!

Street Syle Saturday: Today I will feature what I wore for my weekend/Saturday adventures! It may not be up until the evening but make sure you watch for it!

Snapshot Sunday: Sunday will be my off day from blogging. I'm going to need a day to just step away so I will have a scheduled post of fun snapshots from the week. They will most likely be instagram driven. :)

So today's feature is Therapist Thursday. Lately, I have been so incredibly overwhelmed with work, home life, and personal stuff that I just never feel settled or organized. I hate this feeling. I'm sure you have experienced how I am feeling at some point in your life. This is particularly true with housework. Ugh. Everything is just so daunting when it comes to house work. I'm almost positive my husband think I am crazy about this and in reality, I am. I've come to terms. We both work full time and we don't have yard work...soooo...I am totally going to present this idea to him tonight. (Hopefully he doesn't read this first.) I came across this amazingness on Pinterest a couple days ago. It is from the blog www.bloominghomestead.com. (Direct link here) What is even cooler is that she includes a PDF that you can download and personalize for yourself because as I said before, we have no yard work. Check it:
I mean seriously. How amazing is this?!? This is a menu (if you will) of literally everything we have to do to keep up a house. Why in the heck would I continue to torture myself with leaving this to one day to complete? No wonder I am so overwhelmed all of the time. There are at least 2 things each day to complete..perfect for dividing between my husband and me. What do you think readers? Would you do this schedule or would you rather leave it all to one day? Or heck, would you rather just stop all together. It is so tempting, right? The floor is open for comments. Ready. Set. Go.



  1. I made one of these but it was a bit more detailed! I may need to do this simplistic cleaning chart and see how that works out!!! I love all your daily posting ideas!!! And I completely agree with feeling overwhelmed. Im always striving to be the best wife I can be and juggle EVERYTHING! It gets to be too much sometimes to the point that I have breakdowns!!! I hoping delegating more tasks to the hubby will help me!!

    1. Lauran,
      I love delegating. Seriously, it's awesome. (My husband may not think so, though.) Hope you are having a good week!

  2. L.O.V.E. this! I think we'll be adopting this at our house ASAP!

  3. I just had to make a schedule like this for myself as well - for all the same reasons. Keeping up with housework is the first thing that goes when I am feeling stressed. You've inspired me to blog about it (also feeling a little uninspired in that department too).

    1. Haha! I totally know what you mean. I try and stay consistent with this blogging thing but sometimes, ya know, life gets in the way. And I'm okay with that. So, I posted this cleaning thing like 2 weeks ago...and we've probably only done a few days of it. I keep telling myself that we are going to get on that schedule. I think if we make a habit of it, it will be easier. Thanks for commenting. I'm off to check out your blog now! :)