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November 27, 2012

Yes, this is the typical "I decorated my house for Christmas" post.

Welp...just like the title says...I decorated for Christmas. Here is how it went being that we are newlyweds, have never decorated for a Holiday and have absolutely zilch when it comes to actual decorations.

Saturday, 11/27/2012:

1.) 8:30am- Husband and I whip out the laptop and buy a fake (pre-lit) Christmas tree online from Sears. Didn't even have to move an inch. That's how it's done folks. Hold that thought....
2.) 11:00am- Pick up the Christmas Tree at Sears
3.) 12:00pm- Attack Crate and Barrel with some gift cards left over from our wedding. I would like to say I am the one that can take credit from "purposely" saving them for the Holidays...but I can't. That was my husband. I wanted to use the rest back in the day for that awesomly awesome Kitchen Aid Mixer. I didn't get my way, obvi. Here is what we got instead.
Moravian Star Tree Topper $19.95
Found here
Frosted 52" Tree Skirt- Sale $84.96 (Still ridiculously expensive and I will be returning this and going to TJ MAXX)
Found here

Tree Candles $11.95 - $29.95 (Check out the picture below to see what I did with it)
Found here

Buri Squirrel Ornament $6.95 (I also purchased a some other woodland creatures for my tree.)
Call me crazy but I love these little guys. He is totally chomping on an acorn in the picture. bah.
Found here

4.) 1:00pm- Off to Target for some other cheap silver ornaments and ornaments with pops of red. Also bought some scented pinecones to fill my glass jar from Crate and Barrel. I'm not posting pictures/links because they totally aren't as interesting as the animal ornaments. However, I did pick up another awesome "free standing creature-aka Homer the Hedgehog." See below for picture.

5.) 3:00pm- Got side tracked with someone selling puppies outside of a pet boutique. Held puppy, wrestled with puppy and ended up buying our Coonhound a new plaid collar for the winter. He's a gem that dog of ours.

6.) 4:00pm- Arrive home. Take tree out of box and begin to set up. Realize we should have bought a slimmer and taller tree. Look online and find another tree to better fit our living room. (Yes, I am a bad wife. I sent my husband out in the middle of his Florida Gator game to go get another tree.) Forgive me Gator Nation for I am a Mizzou fan and do not understand nor comprehend the importance of your games.

7.) 5:00pm- Finally begin to decorate. Here are the results. What a long day. Goodness.

Homer the Hedgehog. My awesome Target "critter" purchase.
What I did with my Tree candle: (I lectured my husband that it is not to be lit purely because of how expensive it was and how un-pretty it would look once melted halfway) Make sense?
To create this cute little piece, I picked up some cheap sea salt at Target and placed it in a flower jar I had laying around the house. Set the tree in and 'voila!', you have a tree resting on "snow".

Christmas candy and real pinecones along with a few felt ones.

And finally, our very first Christmas tree. I will try to upload a better picture tonight because you can't see details.

This was a very fun thing to do with my husband. Most guys would not be interested in decorating for Christmas with their wives, but mine was such a good sport (as long as he could have football on in the background). I happily put some Christmas music on as well...volume down low of course. =)

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Be jolly in all that you do and give thanks.


PS. Stay tuned for our family Christmas pictures we took last week for our Christmas cards. Tyler and I have a viewing with the portrait gallery tonight and I am dying to see them...and post them. =)

xoxo Taylor

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