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August 8, 2012

I'm OCD...Organized, Crazy & Delusional

Okay, so my plan when I got home tonight was to simply clean the condo….what do I do?….Get side tracked in each room…ORGANIZING. First, I organized my husband’s t-shirt drawer, then I moved on to the medicine drawer and made sure all the Tylenol, Pepto-Bismal, Zyrtec, Biofreeze (Yes, I am obsessed with that stuff) and Ibuprofen are all sitting upright; labels facing front in a cute little basket. Then, I thought…”I’ll just organize all of my bathroom drawers and cabinets.”

But SERIOUSLY, I can’t tell you all how many times I have done this and the next morning after pushing my snooze button 67 times and rushing to get ready, it comes ALL undone. Make-up brushes are falling in the sink, hair products have lost their caps on the floor, the curling iron and blowdryer are sprawled all over the counter, and before I know it…all of my “feel good” bathroom/vanity organization has gone down the drain. This is where the DELUSIONAL part of this blog title comes in to play. Can I really keep my belongings this organized day in and day out?

(This time, I promise….it is going to stay like this.) 2 hours of organizing later…Here are the results.

Part 1: Instead of digging through a makeup bag to look for what I need in the morning, I felt it best to save some time, put it all on display, and make my mornings easier. I decided to get a drawer organizer strictly for make-up. Everything is so easy to access.

Part 2: Brushes…Lets be honest, they are annoying….especially when you are digging through the bag trying to decipher between the eye-liner brush and the lip-gloss brush. I decided to grab an old glass vase and pick up some of those flower vase beads at Hobby Lobby to prop them up. Now I can actually see what I am going to use and they always stay upright keeping the bristles safe!

Part 3: I am a big perfume lover so I like them on display. Some days I am in the mood for musky, somedays floral, somedays fresh, & somedays straight up classic Chanel or Dior. I found this really cool glass vanity tray at Crate and Barrell (http://www.crateandbarrel.com/glass-vanity-tray/s219269) for $16.95 and I love it. It is so classy and makes the bathroom vanity look polished. I bought my husband one too for his cologne.

Part 4: Who would have thought a spice rack would come in handy this much?!?! Seriously, I picked this up at Target for like 4 bucks and I can see every one of my hair styling products, lotions, and body sprays under the cabinet. They are “under the cabinet shelves.” LOVE.

Anyway, now that I am organizedcrazy for spending 2 hours on this…and possibly delusional that it could actually stay like this, I hope I have inspired you all to get creative when it comes to organizing and making life more simple and COZY. 


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