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July 29, 2012

Paracletes and a First Post

My first blog as a married woman…
I have to say, I used to be a big blogger. Sometimes in life, time gets away and the things you once loved and prioritized fall to the bottom. You plan a wedding, you sell a business, you start a new job, you have the wedding, you go on the honeymoon, you move in with your significant other, the unpacking begins…summer arrives, work trips take place, mission trips depart, wedding thank-you notes begin, and on top of all that… I’m learning how to co-habitate and become the woman/wife that makesmy husband proud. Okay, so most people don’t have that hectic of a life all in a six month span, but I can say…I MADE IT! WE MADE IT. We can now enjoy the place we have worked so hard to get to.
As I sit out on the balcony of our new condo overlooking the pool at dusk, I am reminded of just how special life is. We are so lucky to have a wonderful family and close friends. They are our “paracletes” as we learned in church this morning. They are our comforters, intercessors, and advocates. They are our “team.”
With the wedding that flew by in a moment’s blink and a busy past couple of months, I felt it necessary to thank them (you) in a special way…something less passive. Texts and phone calls just don’t suffice.
You all mean so much to us. The wedding was extra special because you were there and we will always remember our wedding day as not just the day we became husband and wife, but the day that we realized just how many people genuinely care and love us. That is something we will never forget.
So, thank you. We hope we can and will be your paracletes along the way as all of your lives unfold.
Signing out,