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March 2, 2015

{Winter Lately}

Every season, Tyler and I like to make little videos of Millie to remind ourselves just how far she has come. By capturing these moments on video we will forever be able to follow her progress as she grows, learns and buds into a beautiful, strong young lady. The music overlay is a song entitled "Midnight Swim" by recording artist St. Grandson who resides in Ghent, Belgium. As soon as I heard the song and it's lyrics, I wrote to him immediately asking permission to share his music with my readers. He was so gracious by allowing me to do so and asked me to send him a preview in advance. And he liked it! Phew!

I chose this song because, like Millie, it is endearing, gentle and beautiful. Not to mention the lyrics really hit home for us with our feelings raising Millie the last 10 months.

We hope you enjoy watching as much as we did filming it over the past couple months. For those of you that know the long road she traveled, these clips are a reminder of her strength and tenacity. 

I am busy planning Millie's first birthday party, a fruit theme. :P 
Stay tuned.

I have attached the video in this blog, but for better viewing quality, please click the You Tube link for the ability to watch in HD! Also, please check the description box in You Tube for more detailed information.

Published March 1, 2015

Millie: Winter 2015
"The one where Millie crawls, "rides", discovers snow, swims for the first time, eats and flashes lots of baby smiles."

We owe a special "thank you" to St. Grandson for giving us permission to use their amazing music for our video. Please take a moment and go check them out!

"Midnight Swim" by St. Grandson


Millie's bows: Harper Kate Boutique


February 16, 2015

{2 Ways to Wear the Stella & Dot Palmia Necklace}

So, I had some free time on my hands one day and decided to put together a little blog post showing you how to wear the Stella and Dot Palmia Necklace two ways. Now, I know it is a tad bit on the pricey side, but I wanted to show you how it can be dressed up or dressed down. I didn't have anyone around to photograph me in the outfits, so I had to get creative and use a mannequin. Ha! Don't laugh. It worked, though.

The first way is to obviously dress it up. This necklace is so beautifully detailed and is such a statement piece. I would wear this to a wedding, job interview, or to church on Easter Sunday. I love color and this outfit allows my personality to shine right though. 

Skirt // Banana Republic (no longer available)

Ruffled White Blouse // Manon (no longer available)
Similar: Ruffled Blouse

Jacket // Asos (no longer available)

Heels // Emilio Pucci (no longer available)

The second outfit is a dressed down date night outfit. Some skinny jeans, an oversized cable knit sweater, a fabulous statement necklace, and some statement shoes….hello gorgeous! This necklace has metal mixing going on with the gold band and the silver 'V' detailing. I decided to pair this necklace with silvery, grey pieces and I love how it turned out.  

Clutch // Hobo (no longer available) Similar: Hobo Vida Clutch
Silver Metallic Oxfords // Zara (Ebay)

Anyway, thanks for reading. This was a fun, random post. More to follow as I have tons of ideas of things you can wear with the new Stella and Dot Spring Line. Please visit my stylist website anytime and have a look for yourself! You can also follow me on Facebook or Instagram for more fashion inspiration. 



January 24, 2015

{It's the New Year. Where have I been?}

Hello everyone…

I keep getting questions from friends, family and subscribers/followers why my blog updates have been halted.

Since, deciding to stay home full time with Millie, my priorities have completely shifted…to her.

I also just needed a break. The past 9 months has been quite possibly the most challenging period of my life. But, it has been OH SO WONDERFUL and eye opening at the same time.

Instead of putting up scattered content on on my blog that I wasn't even sure my readers enjoyed skimming, I wanted to take some time and figure out the ambience of my little internet place going forward. Before there was Millie, this was a place where I shared my thoughts about faith, passions in fashion and beauty, life lessons learned, fitness (which let's be real…that never happened as a serious topic), recipes and unsolicited internet therapy. 

When I learned we were expecting, I thought it would be fun to update weekly on my progress so we could look back at the rapid changes and exciting things happening as this little gift grew in my tummy. Then, with her unexpected pre-term arrival, it became a place where we could update family and friends on her progress as she grew bigger and stronger in the NICU. It was just too hard to get back to everyone with our main focus being on her health and development. 

So, now that I have had a couple months off…what's my plan going forward? What am I doing with my life these days? Where do I see my focus shifting in the next year?

Firstly, this blog will be undergoing a complete renovation. There are so many things I would like to do with this space, however, my template just will not allow it. I don't know if this will take a month or 6 months but I want it to be somewhere that I can cover every topic my heart desires. I will try to still post unless I am halted by construction.

What am I doing with my life these days? 
Three months ago, I signed on to be an Independent Stylist with Stella and Dot. Everyone does it for different reasons so here are mine:

1. I wanted something that could bring in a little extra money for our family due to the fact that I was staying home to watch Millie. See number 4.
2. I wanted to do something that involved fashion and creativity. I have a bachelors degree in Textile and Apparel Management/Fashion Merchandising and a Business Minor and I really wanted to use those skills even in the smallest way possible.
3. I love Stella and Dot jewelry. Seriously, I am not just saying that. It is beautiful.
4. Since Millie was born, the amount of medical bills that were accrued are ASTRONOMICAL. We spent the past 9 months fighting with the insurance company over a $50,000 bill (that's just one of them) that they refused to pay. Here is the story. 
I was set to deliver full-term at Liberty Hospital where we made sure all of the providers were covered under our insurance. When my water broke at 28 weeks, we went to Liberty to seek medical attention and were immediately transferred by ambulance to St. Luke's Medical Center on the Plaza. We had no choice. Liberty did not have a NICU that could care for a baby born that early. 
Well, come to find out, none of the doctors or neonatologists were providers covered under our insurance plan. But, we had NO CHOICE. I had no where else to deliver. The fact that we even had to fight this and be rejected not once, but twice, was ridiculous and just shows how screwed up our country's medical insurance companies are. 
But praise be to God, we just found out last week that we won! This bill as been completely wiped away! What a relief. 
Now, onto the other bills! This is why Stella and Dot has been great. It brings in just that extra income that we can put towards things like this.
5. Since we have no extra spending money for a fashionista like me to go shopping for new clothes and shoes, it has been nice to take what I already have and get creative with the FREE jewelry I earn through Stella and Dot. I have always said, you can make the simplest outfit and dress it up with accessories and you will look like A MILLION BUCKS. 

Which brings me to my next point:

6. If you want to do something where YOU decide the time you put into a job, signing up for Stella and Dot is perfect for you. Everyone has their different reasons for joining. If you are interested in any way, I would love to hear your reasons and talk you through any pros and cons you may have in starting your own creative business. Seriously, I would love to have YOU on my team. It is so fun. And positive. Always positive.

7. In addition to Stella and Dot, I have spent the past 2 months studying to get my Missouri and Kansas real estate license. Again, this is something I can do that is flexible and allows me to do my number one job…and that is be Millie's mommy. I will be licensed by Spring and will be ready to put "sold" signs in yards all over the Greater Kansas City area. HA!

I've been busy as you can see. You can also see that I'm a dreamer, I'm a doer, and I'm a thinker. I see possibilities everywhere.

Where do I see my focus shifting in the next year?

Well, first and foremost, I want to be a great mommy and teach Millie things that she will use her entire life. Things like confidence, independence, healthfulness, appreciation and assertiveness. I want her to be outgoing, intelligent, thankful and Godly. This is my primary focus.

Secondly, I want to be successful in my two business ventures. I find I am the happiest when I am productive, successful and creative. I love people and interaction and truthfully, there hasn't been much of that the past 9 months and that's my fault. But, my focus was elsewhere and that's okay. I would love your support and encouragement as I prove to everyone that I can make something of myself in my career all while being a mom and a wife.

My blog going forward?
I have a few ideas for my blog but I want to hear from you what you would enjoy seeing and reading.  Please leave a comment and tell me what inspires you and what brings you joy when following a blog. Is it fashion inspiration? Is it beauty advice? Is it home decor ideas? Is it family life? Is it my silly little homemade You Tube videos set to music? Is it faith? Is it covering life topics that we all struggle with internally but we never address because we are too embarrassed or shy? 

As always, thank you so much for subscribing and following my blog. I have met so many incredible people from all over the world who inspire me and offer support you just never expect to get without begging for it. So, thank you again for being a Taylor supporter. 

Happy New Year!

October 27, 2014

Autumn in Loose Park

We had a wonderful weekend and made a visit to Loose Park on Sunday. If you have never been there in the Autumn, add it to your to-do list. It is breathtakingly beautiful and serene. The weather was perfect…warm with a nice breeze that rolled through the trees.

This is the one where Millie discovers a leaf and rolls over.

Music credit:
Bloom by Rhodes