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October 27, 2014

Autumn in Loose Park

We had a wonderful weekend and made a visit to Loose Park on Sunday. If you have never been there in the Autumn, add it to your to-do list. It is breathtakingly beautiful and serene. The weather was perfect…warm with a nice breeze that rolled through the trees.

This is the one where Millie discovers a leaf and rolls over.

Music credit:
Bloom by Rhodes

October 24, 2014

{Blue October featuring Charlie Hustle and Ampersand}

We are so excited the Royals are in the World Series!!! 

I'm sitting here watching Game 3 and thought I would share some of my favorite Kansas City Royal's gear from some of our local companies. Charlie Hustle and Ampersand Design Studios have really "hit it out of the park" with these unique tee's. Seriously, they are both so lightweight, soft and feel like they've been washed a million times. 

Hurry and get yours before they run out! 

Oh, and GO ROYALS!!!!!

October 15, 2014

{The Cure for Colic}

It's been quite a while since I have last posted.  As usual, my life keeps evolving to include new challenges, resolutions and revelelations.  As you may know, Millie has been suffering with colic for four months.  In its most severe state, it left her exhausted from crying, unable to have regular bowel movements (sometimes, for days at a time), unable to finish her feedings, suffering from constant spit ups and occasional projectile vomiting and, overall, entirely miserable.  Caring for Millie during this period left Tyler and myself sleepless, feeling helpless to comfort her and, sometimes, wondering whether our parenting was up to par. 

We had tried everything - pediatrician visits, chiropractic care, prescription medicine, drastic changes to my diet, and prescription formula. Nothing brought lasting relief for her.  My friend, Kasey, who knew of our dilemma and ongoing struggles begged me to visit her in Wichita, Kansas and offered to pay for a well-known colic specialist there.  For the longest time my skepticism kept me from accepting her offer.  It wasn't until a recent Saturday morning when Millie had been screaming for three solid hours that I decided to take a giant leap of faith and explore our last option.

I packed the car with everything Millie and I would need for several days and headed out with an anxious, but prayerful, heart.  I had been advised when I made the appointment that Millie would be receiving treatment twice a day for several days or weeks, depending upon her response to the sessions.  In addition to covering the costs involved with this treatment plan, Kasey, and her husband, Nate, took us both into their home and gave us immeasurable support for the duration of our stay.  For all of this, I am extremely grateful.  But let me share the real spirit of thankfulness and gratitude for our experience there.

Dr. Dennis Scharenberg has practiced chiropractic care for 40 years.  He has also earned post-graduate work in acupuncture, sports medicine, scoliosis, and other natural healing sciences.  Following lengthy and in-depth research on colic, he discovered a method of treating infants with this condition that prevents leakage from the ileocecal valve that connects the large intestine to the small intestine.  The treatment, which is painless, involves strengthening this valve in 45 minute sessions, twice a day, until the child has reached 100% improvement based upon the parents' feedback.
Dr. Scharenberg's theory implies that most babies do not have milk protein allergies, but rather are suffering from colic.  He has treated babies from all over the United States, as well as abroad, and is devoted to bringing an awareness of this cure to parents, and other medical professionals.  If you or someone you know has a baby suffering with colic, I highly recommend Dr. Scharenberg and his excellent staff. By visiting his website you can learn more about his colic treatment and make an appointment.

Now, for an update on Millie's response to treatment.  My husband and I have found a new joy in our daughter as she smiles and snuggles her way into our hearts.  The baby who screamed consistently, winced in pain and was unable to be soothed is now calm, happy and making leaps and bounds developmentally in her new healthy state.   My husband and I are rested, less stressed and able to face the demands of work, family and other obligations in a more peaceful frame of mind.  On top of that, Millie is now able to drink all of my frozen breast milk that I once thought I would have to throw away! I am currently pumping as much as I can to get my supply back up and am hoping I can nurse again soon to satisfy her needs. She now has multiple bowel movements daily as opposed to the one every 3 days induced by suppositories.  She never cries…only fusses when tired or hungry, like a normal baby should.  Additionally, Millie sleeps all night long - 9-12 hours!

Millie's therapist visited this morning and was blown away by her physical and developmental advances. Millie is 6 months old (3 months adjusted) and is demonstrating growth patterns consistent with a 5 1/2 month old baby. Millie is only supposed to be 3 months old and is rolling over both ways (back to stomach and stomach to back), grasping objects and pulling them to her mouth, almost sitting up on her own and tracking people and objects that she sees.

We are so proud of her. What a Miracle Millie!

September 23, 2014

{Turning Over a New Leaf…}

You see what I did there in my title? 

I have been dreading writing this post.  I am not sure if it's because my last blog was so raw and somewhat depressing or if that I am finally shy about being so open. But then again, when have I not been so open about my life these past 6 months? It's The Taylor Diary, that's for sure. 

It's Fall. And I could not be happier. 
For some reason, this time of year makes me feel so inspired. The colors, the smells and the sounds it brings makes me want to completely re-invent myself. 

I have gone back and re-read my last post countless times and finally came to the conclusion that it was time for some changes. I have always felt that if I am unhappy with how things are going,  I should try like heck to change them.  So, that's what I did.

I quit my job last week. Before there is any judgement, know that there was deep thought and consideration that went into this decision. Because my mother broke her hand and she was graciously watching Millie until we could come up with another option, we no longer had child care. After crunching the numbers, all of my paycheck (and then some) was going to go to either paying a nanny or day care costs. This just didn't make sense to us. Why would I pay someone else my entire paycheck to watch my child when I could do it myself? My current unemployment is only temporary until 
A) I can find something that I can do from home or 
B) I can find something that justifies me working out of the house, covers childcare and brings in additional income on top of that.

We started Millie on rice cereal. I realize some people don't agree with this, but my baby was hungry and by golly, I'm going to feed her if she's hungry. She gets one tablespoon of rice cereal every night before bed and she is FINALLY sleeping through the night after 5.5 months. She is so happy now! Her pediatrician suggested we start this over a month ago and I was so ignorant and adamant that she be exclusively breastfed, that I didn't listen. I am so happy with this decision because she is LOVING it.

My last day of breastfeeding will be October 8th. Millie will be 6 months old on this exact date. 
Why wait until October 8th? 
Well, she is already beginning to ween naturally. This will give my body and her body a good month to get used to this huge change. I did not want to quit cold turkey. It's very addictive you see…that breast feeding! In addition to the natural ween, it will give Millie a good month to get used to the taste of her new formula and bottles.

Speaking of formula. We have finally found one that her body agrees with. She is on a prescription formula for babies with severe milk protein allergies and other allergies in addition. This formula is completely broken down and already digested for her so all she has to do is drink it. 
And she likes the taste! 
(It is called PurAmino DHA & ARA for anyone that is curious and might be going through the same thing we are.)

So, let me share my menu for October 8th with you:

Breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy
Mid-morning snack: Yogurt
Lunch: Big, FAT double cheeseburger
Mid-Afternoon Snack: Ben and Jerry's
Dinner: Domino's cheese pizza with extra cheese and some ranch dressing for dipping
Bedtime snack: Chocolate chip cookies and a HUGE glass of 1% milk

That's right.
After being on this strict, Dairy free-no processed food diet for 4 months, I am going ALL OUT.

The Dog: He is going to a behavioral veterinarian/therapist and we will be working with him in the anxiety department. We will NOT be giving him away for those that suggested. He has been a part of my life for 8 years and I am not about to give him away just because we brought a baby home. We love him and he is a GOOD dog. He is just having an extremely hard time coping with a colicky infant. Heck, so were we! It's understandable.

This blog was just an update to my last diary entry. Now, onto Fall clothes, pretty makeup and home decor. 

"There's the kind of support you ask for and the kind of support you don't ask for. And then there's the kind that just shows up."
-Carrie Bradshaw

As always, thank you so much for the never-ending support. 
I love you all.